Happy Clients Make Me Happy.

Here’s what some people have to say about my work.

I had the opportunity to work with Annette just over a year ago and am very happy that I made that choice! During our sessions I was able to get clarity on a number of aspects of my business that up until that point were causing me a lot of frustration. Her insights were spot on and she has a wonderful talent for creating an environment of collaboration. Thanks to Annette’s guidance, insight and support I had my 2 most successful events to date!

Dustin Hogan

Founder & Lead Trainer, The Rock Star Academy

The difference between Annette and other coaches I’ve worked with is that she combines practical business wisdom with the ability to see and hear whatever is ‘in between the space’ in our conversations, helping me to get clear on my next step, and making my dreams more tangible, achievable, and real. She understands visionaries in a way that I have never personally experienced before. Working with her helped me to see a clear path towards the creation of my vision and pushed me to take the necessary steps to get my plan in action. Within 4 months of working with Annette, I got clear on my message and my strategy, hopped on a plane, headed to Mauritius, and started looking at various facilities for my retreats. I have never felt more supported, and have never met another coach who cares as deeply about her clients as Annette does.
Jacky Yenga

Author, Speaker and Retreat Facilitator, Spirit of the Village

Any coach and client working with this system will achieve consistent, measurable results.
Graham White

Former Head Coach to 200 SuccessTracs coaches at Peak Potentials Training, current founder of What Evolved Women Want, What Evolved Women Want

Annette has a unique way of taking a bare-bones vision and not only effortlessly translating it into an actionable plan, but also step-by-step manifesting that plan into reality. She will go above and beyond to support a vision, mission and purpose that she believes in AND the person or people who are creating it. For me personally, her participation and input creates the stability I need to remain focused and committed on my own Hero’s Journey.
Anna Margolis

Founder & Visionary Entrepreneur, Conscious Changes

I’ve worked with Annette on multiple projects and it’s pure bliss for me. She treats my projects as her own, communicates in a clear, caring and confident manner, and knows what needs to get done, by when and delivers. Most importantly to me, she’s attentive and respectful of my vision. I love every minute of working with her.
Julie Anne Christoph

Founder and Visionary Leader, The Change Revolution

Annette is a powerful change-maker and movement-inspirer. She listens for the heart of the matter and zeros in on the opportunity for growth, but what makes Annette truly unique is her ability to have what should be ’tough conversations,’ with such ease. She navigates communication with a deep respect and compassion for those she coaches, guiding you to places you may not have been willing or able to look before. I’ve never found the limit of her care, patience and perseverance — she draws upon a seemingly endless source. I am truly grateful for what Annette has brought to my life, in helping me achieve some of my biggest dreams and aspirations.
Allison J. Bran

Founder & Marketing Strategist, REX Marketing & Design

Annette, I am so grateful that you have been put on my path. Your coaching, encouragement, wisdom and beautiful heart are a true testament that you embody your Sacred Gifts. I have benefitted for years from your guidance and wise counsel. You’re never afraid to be straight with me and to say what I may not want to hear but need to hear. You have been a total blessing for me. I fly straighter and stronger with you under my wings.
Monique MacDonald

Founder, Discover Your Sacred Gifts

When I decided to add website coaching to my business, I hired Annette to provide feedback on my courses and help me create the business I wanted. She worked with me to design a top-notch customer experience, which makes all the difference in my program. I’d recommend Annette in a heartbeat — she has the perfect mix of business skills and coaching experience, and she’s a joy to work with.
Lindsay Carlson

Owner and Digital Strategist, Leap Onto The Web

Annette Sharpe has an uncommon and incredibly valuable combination of talents: strong organizational and logistical background, exceptional communication skills, highly creative problem-solver, natural coach and great team member, all embraced by an open heart and a clear mind. In the very first conversation I had with her, I told her employer what an exceptionally talented person she was and how I’d love to have her on my team in any project I had. Simply said, she is an awesome professional and a marvelous human being. She is constantly striving for clarity and balance, two qualities essential for any successful business and relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Annette!
Bruce Cryer

co-CEO, Wholelife.com, Founder, Vybrato, former CEO, HeartMath, Wholelife Network

Undoubtedly, Annette helped me to make the most significant shifts in my life, both personally and professionally, when she worked with me. Annette’s patience was the safety I needed to expose the fears that blocked the creativity yearning to break free! Her passion for success was the contagious pull that kept me motivated to explore all the possibilities. Annette and her group of coaches are well equipped to work with different personalities, various ideas and challenges and a multitude of personal and profressional roadblocks. I would recommend Annette’s services, and her company, to anyone seeking a trustworty, consistent, and reliable coach who is willing to share unending passion, creativity and motivation!
Yvete Bugarini Minor

Senior Marketing Manager, Banc of California

I have been working as a professional in the Psychotherapy field for over 25 years. In that time my work has evolved and changed and I have found myself in recent years needing to rebrand and find new expression of my personal and professional passions. Annette has been an instrumental part of supporting me to unearth and launch the dreams and longings I have been carrying but have been unable to make tangible. Unlike other coaches I have worked with Annette has challenged me to dig deep and really embody my work and bring my authentic self to all that I do. I am excited for what is ahead as a result of the coaching I have done with Annette and I would highly recommend her to any professional looking to give voice and a concrete plan to their dreams and visions.
Gillian Drader

Founder & Groups Leader, Spirit Alive Groups for Young Women

Annette is an incredibly intuitive coach who gently encourages you to use your gifts and set your goals to live a purpose-driven life. She also has amazing tips and resources at her fingertips. I am very grateful to be working with her!
Jennifer Spatz

Founder, Global Family Travels

Extremely efficient and creative, Annette is an absolute force. I had the pleasure of working with Annette on a corporate event. Her attention to detail, positive demeanour and ability to lead a team are only a few of the many reasons Annette earns my highest recommendation.
Aly Purrott-Armstrong

Principal Planner, Aly Armstrong Event Planning & Design

Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dream of seeing the world and working abroad. I’d probably still be sitting on the fence if it weren’t for our coaching relationship, and I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have been able to work with you.
Kari Lakomski

Cover Model, Self-employed

In special moments in our lives, we may be privileged to meet, share life with, and work with a person that forever and on and on adds to and enhances us and our time here. For me, Annette has been one of those persons. Her integrity, brilliance of spirit, wisdom of being and brightness of mind along with many dashes of ingenuity, add immensely to any project whether in business, home, or friendship. She has been my teacher, my coach, my student, my friend. She has shared with me her peace and serenity as well as her chaos in life. That is reality and is invaluable.
Pepe Kahn

Author and Day-Trader

Annette captured my heart within ten seconds as I listened to her at a conference years ago. I was very intrigued by her ability to engage us all, building momentum in a room of a hundred of us. I knew I was listening to someone who knew how to create a very special space of Gratitude, Appreciation and Joy for ourselves and each other. Every single one of us were smiling. I remember thinking “Wow what an incredible Woman and Presenter.” We connected on a deeper level and have been dear friends ever since.

She brings her incredible gifts to our friendship, perhaps the greatest is her ability to deeply listen, her wisdom is powerful and profound. I have witnessed her as a Wife and Mom. She is forward thinking, sensitive, caring and loves to laugh. She is a gift to her thriving family, sharing herself and her loving kindness.

As I am entering the business world I am infinitely grateful for Annette’s gift of problem solving. Her solutions are customized for my line of work. She is a great Mentor for me too! Wow, How blessed I am!

Kim Tebbut

Author and visionary, 7 Billion Angels Whispering We Love You